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Cellular Shades

The single and double cells of these shades are soft to the touch, but durable enough to last a lifetime. Did you know that up to 50% of a home’s heating and cooling energy can be lost through windows? The honeycomb shaped design of these shades traps air in distinct pockets to help keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Besides their energy efficient abilities, cellular shades can also improve your room’s acoustics while reducing the intensity of outside sound. They come in cell sizes of ½”, 3/8”, ¾”, and 1-1/4,” both horizontal and vertical orientation, and in sheer, light filtering and blackout fabrics. Horizontal cellular shades can be installed on windows from 4”-174” wide and 6” to 144” high. Vertical cellular shades can be installed on windows from 12” to 336” wide and 24” to 120” high. Customize your honeycomb shade with convenient lift options including cord loop, cordless, retractable cord, top down-bottom up, and motorized. Vertical cellular shades slide along a horizontal rail and can also be motorized.

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Roller Shades

Roller shades are a simple and versatile window covering. These classic shades are easy to operate, come in many fabrics, patterns, colors, woven textures and opacities from sheer to room darkening for the ultimate light control. Choose a fascia, cassette or valance as a top treatment to conceal the roller. Roller shades come in widths from 12” to 192” and heights from 12” to 144” depending on the shade selected. They can be operated with a custom clutch and chain, cordless, cord loop and motorized.

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Roman Shades

Roman Shades combine the elegance of fine drapery with the ease and convenience of a shade. With a vast selection of textures, patterns, colors, styles and opacities, Roman Shades can complement your interior space as well as your furnishings. When raised, they take on the form of an enhancing valance above your window. Most Roman Shades are available corded, cordless and motorized for easy operation and some come with a top down-bottom up feature which allows the shade to be opened from the top as well as the bottom.

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Sheer Shadings

Sheer Shadings are window treatments that provide light control, privacy, and UV protection. They feature sheer fabric that diffuses light to reduce glare and blocks sun rays which can damage your furniture or flooring.
Horizontal Sheer Shadings have vanes that float between two sheers. When the vanes are open, they allow diffused light inside while obscuring the outside view into your home. Simply tilt the vanes to achieve your desired level of light and privacy. Vane sizes are available in 2”, 3”, and 4” and the shades can be installed on windows 6” to 144” wide and 12” to 136” high. They are available with many control options such as motorization, cordless and continuous loop. Pirouette Shadings by Hunter Douglas are horizontal shadings with vanes attached to a single sheer. Pirouette Vanes are available in 4” and 5” and these shades can fit windows from 12” to 144: wide and 15” to 144” high. Available control options are cordless, retractable cord, continuous loop and motorized. Vertical Sheer Shadings are an ideal choice for larger windows and sliding doors. Rotating fabric vanes with sheer fabric allows you to control the amount of light and privacy. Combining beauty and elegance, and resembling the look of drapery, these sheers are a stunning addition to any space. Vertical Sheer Shadings can be installed on windows that are 8” to 192” wide and 24” to 120” high and the vane size is 3-1/2” wide. Control options include motorized, wand control or combination cord and wand control.

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