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Live perfect with your motorized shades August 5, 2020

Are you looking for an automated window covering or, might you be wondering, why? Why would I need a motorized blind or shade? Do you have any windows in hard to reach areas? Maybe there is furniture preventing you from reaching the cords. Maybe it is a sky lite window. Why go in search of a step ladder when all you need is to push a button on the remote. Motorized blinds also protect your children and pets. With a remote, you have eliminated the cords that could be a hazardous. The remotes do all the same things a traditional cord would. The remote can raise, lower, tilt and close. Paramount Gallery has a large variety. We would love to help you choose what works for your home.

You might be a new parent. With motorized shades in the baby’s room, you could calm your baby and ease them to sleep by slowly lowering the shades and blocking out the sunlight. Then the opposite could be done when it’s time for them to start the day. You could get them up and out of the crib while simultaneously using the remote to raise the shades up.
Motorized blinds are perfect for bathroom too! Want to relax in the bath and enjoy the scenery? Keep the blinds closed and then use the remote to open the motorized blinds once you are in your tub and enjoy the serenity.
Having a family movie night? Everyone is settled in on the couch, movie is playing and now there is a giant glare on the TV! No! Everyone is complaining, the movie needs to pause, and now you need to get up and tend to the blinds. Imagine there is the remote for the blinds sitting on the coffee table. Reach for it, hit a button and get on with your movie.
With motorized blinds in the bedroom, you can open the blinds from bed in the morning. When the alarm goes off, grab the remote and open the blinds. Let the sunlight in while you hit snooze one last time. Wake up with morning sunshine streaming thru the blinds.
Those are few reasons how you could benefit by choosing an automated window covering. A motorized blind could make life a little easier. Come see us at Paramount Gallery in West Hartford. We would be happy to help you with any inquiries and assist you in shopping for motorized blinds and shades.