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Plant the seeds of a beautiful home this spring March 5, 2020

Renew, refresh, reinvigorate. The warm weather has returned!

Open the windows! Raise the shades! Let the clear, bright light in! Opening the windows to a sunny and green new world is one of the best times of the year in the Northeast. At Paramount Gallery, we understand the importance of letting the invigorating, crisp air into the home.

One great choice for window coverings that allows you to adjust the amount of light and air are the Pirouette window treatments from Hunter Douglas. The Pirouette shades are ideal for letting in as much light as desired while simultaneously creating a statement of classic beauty. By adjusting the shade, you can diffuse harsh light and spread it evenly throughout the room, which allows you to lessen the need for artificial lighting (always a great idea). While light is a welcome addition to the home during the spring months, the Pirouette shades also provide the option of darkening the room when desired, perhaps while watching movies. When closed, the Pirouette looks just like a contemporary shade.

Utilizing the Pirouette shades all year round can transform your home into an elegant and sophisticated setting. The light control and soft fabric vanes fastened to a solitary sheer backing seem to float while revealed, pulling daylight into your space. In the spring, the bright and breezy outdoors is the place to enjoy. Why not bring some of that beauty into the home?