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Make your home more welcoming and inviting this year! January 1, 2020

With a great and new sparkling year ahead of us, the time comes to think of what we want to do differently. Stepping away from unhealthy behaviors is key. Engaging in new, positive behaviors is imperative.
Do you want to lose a little weight? Don’t simply change your diet; also add in some fun things that can get you more quickly to your goal. Pick a new park every week to spend some time walking or running. Try a new recipe that incorporates fruits and/or veggies that you don’t cook with or eat on a regular basis. Read a book about the physical benefits that each food can bring to you. Do you want to do more travelling? Spend some time researching different places and finding tips. Keep travel books and magazines close at hand.

If you really want to completely get into the travelling mood, take a class on the language of your dream destination.

You can expand your changes outside of your own physical and mental form as well. Why not decide to make a New Year’s resolution to make your home more welcoming and inviting this year? The right window treatments for your home can bring style and comfort, regardless of season. Honeycomb shades are a great option. Is there a room that needs more privacy, and less light? Is there a room in which you would love to be able to utilize natural light and sheer fabrics? Honeycomb shades can accomplish each of these goals, and more. With several operating systems and many different fabrics available in sheer, semi-opaque and blackout, honeycomb shades can provide a new look that corresponds to the mood and needs of the room.

Yet another benefit of honeycomb shades is the amount of insulation that they provide to protect the home’s internal temperature from the extreme weather of the outdoors. The honeycomb shades provide energy savings as well as style. Honeycomb shades are available in different shapes and pleat sizes, and can be used for skylights and glass doors as well. They can be vertical or horizontal.

Bringing more joy to each day of the New Year should be the true goal. Whether through improvements to yourself, your home, or the world around you, making positive changes can improve not only the upcoming year, but many years after.