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Window blinds and shades act as insulation December 5, 2019

Windows are one of the main sources of the transfer of heat.

Energy-efficient blinds are both cost efficient and environmentally friendly. The fuel needed to make your home comfortable is noticeably less with the addition energy-efficient blinds. Heat transfer is blocked, ultraviolet (UV) radiation is blocked, and air infiltration is reduced by providing insulation in front of window glass. Energy-efficient blinds keep the heat inside during the winter and keep the cool air inside during the summer. Wood, bamboo, and other natural fabrics can be used to create energy efficient blinds that are not only bio-degradable and recyclable, but also have a high R-Value.

The R-Value corresponds to the insulation provided.

The higher the R-Value, the higher the amount of insulation. By utilizing the R-Value of a product, you measure the ability to resist the transfer of heat. Products with a higher R-Value help reduce energy and allow greater savings on heating and cooling costs. Our energy-efficient products have R-values ranging from 3.89 to over 7.86.

Regardless of the season, at all times, warm and cold air attract towards one another. In the winter, the warm air indoors pulls towards the cold air outside. To retain the heat, energy-efficient blinds cause a barrier between the two temperatures, thus allowing your home to remain cozy and warm while minimizing your heating bills.

During the summer months, the cold air (due to the air conditioning) from the interior of your home attracts the same amount of hot summer air from the outside.

Energy-efficient blinds are able to block the hot air being pulled into your home and retain the cool air indoors as long as possible.

Depending on the season at hand, the furnaces and air conditioning units are subjected to less wear and tear. This leads to significant fuel and electricity conservation.

With inefficient windows it is possible to have approximately 10-25% added to heating bills, which can range upwards of 70% to air conditioning bills. Fortunately, when you choose energy-efficient blinds, there is no need to keep the blinds closed and live in darkness.

The blinds will allow outside light into your home and you will have a wonderful view while simultaneously saving typically 25% (potentially upwards towards 50%) on energy costs (per the Department of Energy). By utilizing energy-efficient blinds, you will be able to remain comfortable in your home throughout the seasons; at the same time, you will also feel comfortable with your heating and cooling bills.