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Thinking about the weather November 5, 2019

As the temperatures drop outside, and we begin to (gasp!) wear coats once again, it’s time to begin thinking of winter plans as well. While the forecasts for the weather conditions vary greatly (Farmer’s Almanac predicts a long and painful winter, much colder than normal, with below-normal snowfall, while other meteorologists predict that it will be warmer than usual, with abnormally high amounts of snowfall), the plain and simple truth is, in all its glory, that WINTER IS COMING (insert game of thrones meme??).
Thinking about the weather in the near future (once the autumn weather is gone and the wintry beauty, with all of its positives and negatives, sets in) may set your mind to thinking about what a cold winter entails for you and your family. Holidays, family gatherings, food and friends may be on one side of your mind. Shoveling snow, sanding ice, and rising heating costs may be on the other.

Energy-efficient blinds may not be able to help with holiday plans or shoveling, but they can put a significant dent into your heating costs (saving an average of 25%, ranging upwards to savings that can be as high as 70%).