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Back to school September 5, 2019

Back to school

Autumn is fast approaching! Children are back at school, and the nights are getting longer. The daylight is slowly decreasing over each passing day, and pumpkin spice has already begun its takeover of coffee shops. It’s time to start thinking boots and sweaters and comfy throws. It’s time to start thinking leaves, Halloween costumes, and Thanksgiving plans.

While kids are adjusting to their back-to-school routine, it is important that they get a full night’s sleep.

Regardless of age, great sleep is important. With classes, teachers and the knowledge that comes along with them, it is of utmost importance that the children awaken refreshed and rested and ready to go. Room darkening shades can accomplish this, and when coupled with energy efficiency blinds, they will insulate against the cold when the wintry temperatures begin to set in. Comfort and a restful sleep is the best way to prepare for tough tests and good health, all year round, during the school year or out.

Room darkening blinds can range in colors from bright to dark, corresponding to the theme of the room.

They can be customized with prints and images that you choose, whether it be a pattern that aligns with the theme of the room, a favorite animal, or even the logo of their favorite baseball team. Room darkening blinds can bring darkness to the night for a great sleep, but also liven up the room during daytime hours for after school and weekend play (and homework!). When coupled with energy efficiency blinds, you will be able to get a restful night’s slumber as well, knowing that you are saving an average of 25% on your heating bills.

Bringing color, the ability for personalization, and darkness for a great night’s sleep, room darkening shades are a welcome addition to any bedroom. When you, as a parent, add room darkening shades to the bedrooms of your little ones, you will be graded an A for comfort perfection!